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of the u.s. school shooting. president barack obama is preparing to travel to midtown -- to newtown to console the families of the victims that include 20 children. john, what do we actually know right now about this threat? >> i am not sure that i would make all that much of it. i am afraid to say that bomb threats are a way of life in this country when there is a major and national story on. people tend to take it upon themselves to do this kind of thing. nonetheless, this is the catholic church behind me and there was a service going on on sunday morning when the world's media count out outside, including al jazeera english, so people running out looking quite frightened. we're told there was a bomb threat. we have pictures of this. you can see from these pictures the police and military turning up in serious-looking vehicles and sealing off the church and they are still presently conducting a search. they also searched a school situated near by the church building. no word whether they found anything or not, but the president is coming to newtown later today for a memorial servi
information relevant to this case are not being posted by the connecticut state police, newtown police, or any authorities in this case. any of that information, people putting that information out there in any manner, it can be construed as a violation of state or federal law and they will be prosecuted. >> let's not forget that in all of this, the victims and the survivors -- particularly the survivors at this time, will have a terrible story to tell for the rest of their lives. >> the survivors of friday's shooting -- a day that we will never forget. within a few terrifying minutes she went from teaching her students to desperately protecting them. >> we gathered under the tables and just listened to nonstop gunfire happening right outside the door, knowing that the gunfire was showering the hallways and classrooms and it was nonstop. >> 9-year-old twins, ben and ethan, remember being led out of the school. >> when the police man came, he told us to shut our eyes and do this, like on the picture on the news. and run. and just go out. >> once the scene was secure, staff and students have bee
lanza killed 20 people at a school in newtown, connecticut, sparking a debate about gun nuts. >> we not only have to get a handle on gun control, but the mental health issue. we have been turning people lose, and i think we have gone too far. there are people that need to be in institutions that are a danger to themselves or others. >> president obama has announced a task force to look into gun control, and several members of congress are planning bills for the new year. some say it should not be so easy to buy a deadly weapon, but the gun lobby has made it clear they do not intend to give up the right to bear arms but with more innocent people die in by the bullet, something will need to be done. >> the people of newtown, connecticut, are observing a somber christmas. support has been pouring in from across the world as residents come to terms with the killings. 20 children and six adults were gunned down, prompting renewed debate about gun control. police in china have rescued 89 children in a major sting against child adoption gangs. police say they started investigations after r
jazeera. the names of 20 children killed at the sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut have been released. south african prime minister jacob zuma is speaking at a conference. and the conservative liberal democratic party has been returned to power in japan. the party has secured a 2/3 majority in the lower house. hundreds of protesters have been blocked from staging a rally outside kuwait's parliament. politicians have been groot -- coleen their first sessions -- politicians have been holding their first sessions. >> the first set of reforms start with the meeting to analyze and look at reasons so that reforms can be dealt with in a better way. the parliament has the responsibility of planning and preparing a program that can be put into practice. >> in syria, gun battles have been reported in a refugee camp in damascus, home to thousands of palestinian refugees. these pictures show some of the fighting. some palestinians short president assad. others have joint -- some palestinian support president assad. others have joined the opposition groups. the price of food in sudan
. in newtown, connecticut w ednesday. politicians are discussing how to prevent another mass killing in their classrooms. >> we have an obligation to try. >> he has put his vice president in charge with coming up with suggestions. >> there is already a growing consensus. in majority of americans support banning the sale of military-style assault weapons, a majority of americans support banning the sale of high capacity ammunition clips. >> the president is not saying that he is considering laws that would get rid of the 200 million guns that are already owned in the u.s. most of the pro-gun rights congressman have stayed quiet in the last few days but some are starting to come out to say they will fight any legislation. >> no, they will not fix it. >> people believe for the first time in a very long time this mass shooting, more than the others, can force congress to act. >> i think people have been intimidated by the whole subject. that is where i think the vibe is different. by no means am i under estimating the difficulty of this. >> the president is calling on the american people
. the question remains -- what will this time, after this tragedy, be different? >> the newtown shootings are the subject of the latest edition of inside story from washington. >> the search for answers to the mass killings at sandy hook. is the speculation about the mental health of the gunmen adding to the stigmatization of the mentally ill and doing little to address the root causes? that discussion on inside story, 7:30 p.m. on al-jazeera. >> more good news for the depressed greek economy. standard & poors upgraded its rating. here are the ratings levels given by standard and poor's. aaa means the country should have no problem in meeting its financial commitments. only germany and the netherlands have this rate. before the upgrade, greece's rating had fallen to selective default, which meant it failed to pay on one or more of its obligations. now it was pushed upward to b minus. this shows that greece can meet its financial commitments. i spoke to the fellow at the peterson institute for international economics. >> i think was s&p is catching up to is the improved political goodwill
children buried in newtown, conn., today, a teacher who tried to save them laid to rest as well. now politicians are talking about how to prevent another mass killing of children in their classrooms. >> we have a deep obligation, all of us, to try. >> not president obama has put vice president joe biden in charge, saying that he will outline his proposals next month. >> the good news is there is a growing consensus to build on, with a majority of support banning the sale of military- style assault weapons, a majority support the ammunition clips. that the president says that gun-control legislation will be part of it, but he is not saying, and nobody asked, if he is considering any laws that would get rid of the 200 million guns already owned in the u.s. the last ban applied only to the production of new weapons and only 18 were outlawed. some in congress says they will fight any legislation. >> we have seen that movie before. and it is sad. >> it seems the president realizes it will be difficult, so he is asking the american people to call congress and most importantly to remember t
in the new year. no one knows whether a newtown change the collective appetite for guns in civilian hands or not, but the battle for gun control could be a long, drawn out affair with dangers for politicians on both sides. al jazeera. >> a senior mexican official has announced he is quitting. he is -- he has rejected allegations that after 23 years of service -- he faced strong criticism following a shootout in june in a mexico city airport. he says the charges are empty and unfounded.
-- consideration. >> all the people of newtown, connecticut have been reacting to the n.r.a. proposals saying more guns in school. >> it's going to affect the kids psychologically. it's going to be in fear every time they walk into a school. >> it's kind of bad. i don't think they look at the big picture of things. >> they had to make a statement but this choice is the worst i think. >> about the same time as the n.r.a. vice president was addressing journalists in washington there was a multiple shooting in pennsylvania. gunman killed three people in township east of pittsburgh. the gunman was killed in the shootout with police. a -- mark foreman has been investigating mass shootings in the u.s. and he says the n.r.a.'s comments are outrageous. >> parents who are still burying their 6 and 7-year-old children and for the n.r.a. to come out with the same old talking points it's frankly offensive. they've been pushing this argument that we have to arm everybody and arm the good guys for many years. and it's bogus. it's a bogus idea. i wrote a piece from mother jones this week looking at the cases tha
newtown change the appetite. the battle for gun control could be a long drawn out affair filled with dangers for politicians from both sides. al jazeera, washington. >> and mexican police official has announced he is quitting after wake of corruption charges. he has rejected the allegations that after 23 years of service he will resign on december the 34th. he faced strong criticism following a shootout at the airport that killed three officers at in june. officers at in june.
congress may take up some sort of gun control measures in the new year. no one knows whether newtown change the collective appetite for powerful weapons in civilian hands but the battle for gun- control could be a long drawn- out affair. >> it is draft season for the russian army and the military is struggling to find enough conscript's. charles -- reports from moscow on why thousands of young men are willing to risk jail. >> he has been dodging the military draft for eight years and in the weekend before and to the army any day. fit enough, not attending university and with no young family. every man in russia between 18- 27 is expected to serve a year in the military. it is a terrifying prospect for many. >> we first left moscow when i was 18 and we were very afraid. we lived in hiding and even learn to recognize when the police cars were coming by the specifics out of their tires. >> this is what frightens men like nikolai. it is known as hazing. it is described as a military code of violence. and often systematic bullying of new recruits that the rights groups say sometimes pushes meant
people including 20 children at an elementary school in the town of newtown, connecticut. sparking a debate about whether semiautomatic guns should be banned. the n.r.a. recommended armed guards be placed in all schools. president obama has announced a task force to look into gun control in the u.s. several congress people are planning bills for the new year. the latest deadly shooting in webster involving first responders trying do their jobs just before christmas will likely prolong the gun debate further. >> this is a shock that something like to would happen. for some reason, violence is rearing its ugly head in this community and everywhere. >> al jazeera, washington. >> funerals have been held for the victims of a bakery bombing in hamas. activists say the air strike on sunday killed at least 90 people. many were lining up to buy bread at the time. the activists said the bakery was targeted. the government said it was terrorists. turkish officials said at least 700 people from hamas province have crossed the border. more than half a million people have fled syria in more than
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12